Vietnamese veg rolls with mango and chilli-mayo dip Cooking

Vietnamese veg rolls with mango and chilli-mayo dip

We all need to play our part in getting children eating more vegetables. It is a well known fact that cooking with children helps grow their interest and broaden their repertoire.

This is a super easy recipe and children love cutting, rolling and dipping!!!



Raw fresh veg, eg carrots, cucumber, spring onions, red cabbage, gem lettuce,

Few sprigs coriander

Tiny handful Chinese pre-cooked rice noodles

Rice paper spring roll wraps


Sweet chilli sauce



Cut the veg and mango into strips. Strip the leaves from the coriander and discard the stalks.

Dunk the noodles briefly in boiling water to soften them, drain and pat dry.

Bunch a few of each veg, the mango, coriander and noodles together and put on a tray, ready to hand.

Dunk the wraps in boiling water for a few seconds, drain and lay them flat on a board. Working fast, put the bunches of veg etc on the wraps and roll up.

Serve with mayonnaise flavoured with sweet chilli sauce

‘Happy slicing, rolling and dipping.....the very best interactive food!!’
- Prue Leith