Welcome to my product page. I have been really lucky to work with some great brands and thought I would showcase the different ranges here.

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Beeswax Wraps

Prue Beeswax wraps

Discovering The Beeswax Wrap Co.’s products was a wonderful thing for me. A pleasure to use, they are quick, easy, efficient, reusable, and also very pretty! Long gone are the days of using cling film. We never thought we’d rue the day of a product that liberated us from using damp tea towels to cover food, but with single-use plastic causing immeasurable harm to the environment, rue it we do! No more guilty conscience about using cling film, only beautiful eco-friendly beeswax wraps.

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Lakeland Kitchen range

Prue's World Cookware range

I’ve been a Lakeland customer for years... In fact, I don’t know a cook who isn’t. I’ve loved working with the buyers to come up with this range of global cookware which I hope will help everyone experience the pleasure and satisfaction of producing delicious world cuisine to share with others from the comfort of their own home.

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Lola Rose Jewellery

Prue x Lola Rose

I’ve been wearing jolly necklaces for years, a lot of them made of plastic. And I still do, while telling myself at least they are not single use plastic – I’ve had many of them for years. But of late I’ve fallen in love with semi-precious stones, particularly the coloured polished stones of Lola Rose necklaces. So imagine my excitement when I started to create the Prue x Lola Rose range with the wonderful Nikki Gewirtz. The range has been out for nearly a year now with lots of newness dropping in - take a look. Go bold!

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Prue at Ronit Furst

My Prue at Ronit Furst range of glasses is AVAILABLE in Independent opticians across the UK.   I absolutely adore their designs and when Ronit and I teamed up to produce my range, I was thrilled to bits. Like Ronit’s more expensive hand-painted main range, mine are multi-coloured and designed by her  -- but because they are not hand-painted, they will be more affordable.

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Cook Books

The Vegetarian Kitchen

I have always loved a cook book. My latest one, The Vegetarian Kitchen was co written with my niece Peta Leith. Crammed full of over 100 delicious, heartwarming vegetarian recipes.

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The Lost Son

The Lost Son is the final book in the Angelotti chronicles. The Angelotti family reels when the lost son, given up for adoption in the war, traces his birth family and returns to the fold, with devastating consequences.

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