Pomegranate hack Cooking

Pomegranate hack


Don’t be put off…..getting seeds out of a pomegranate it’s really easy if you know how.


What you do is cut the pomegranate in half and then just break it up under water, gently rubbing the seeds off the skin and the pith like that.

All the seeds sink to the bottom and all the pith floats on the top and the skin.

When you do this not under water, what tends to happen is the juice squirts all over the place and the pith gets stuck to the pips or to the seeds and it takes ages to separate them.

Don’t leave the pomegranate in there for too long because they will gradually leak into the water and you don’t want to lose any juice.

Then you just scoop the skin and the pith off the top and what you’re left with is the pomegranate at the bottom of the water.

Then you end up with pips in the bottom, no pith.

- Prue Leith