My love of necklaces Fashion

My love of necklaces

My love affair with necklaces started over 50 years ago and they have been a consistent obsession. I have a story for every necklace…

Growing up in South Africa, I’ve always been used to strong, bold colours, and I’ve never been one to shy away from adornment. A bit of a show-off really.

There’s just something so wonderful about choosing the right necklaces – or necklaces, plural, to add a dash of élan to an ordinary outfit. So here’s what’s in my jewellery box – well, it’s more of a jewellery wall.

I love strong, architectural shapes and I’m also drawn to designs that reflect a love of nature, taking inspiration from the curves and shapes of landscapes, seas and flora and fauna.
Wearing multi-coloured necklaces over a strong or solid colour top allows them to stand out and make a statement. It often provides a talking point too. I’ve made a lot of friends from their opening gambit of ‘‘Oh, where did you get that necklace’’. A great bold necklace is invaluable for those days when you lack the energy of making a big effort, but don’t want to look boring.

This one from the necklace wall, is the perfect length, stylish enough for day and sassy enough for evening.

Prue Leith wearing her favorite necklace

I know not everyone is a fan of a bright top so a pop of colour and pattern with a bold and bright necklace is a way to introduce stronger shades without being overpowering. Think of a colour you love but feel is too overpowering, and add it to your outfit as a necklace. It’s a great way to lift your whole look.

I don’t bother with all those teeny weeny little necklaces, they’re hardly worth the bother – go all out for a fun, multi-coloured one with oversized beads, or layer several together to stand out from the crowd.

Each one will have a story and a personality so enjoy your baubles and make them part of your everyday wardrobe – no use waiting for a special occasion, this is my way of making every day stand out. I’ve put a few of my favourites on this rather mad cactus from La Redoute, the red or dead readers from Specsavers and the two “arms” make me laugh and I love a fun way to store my jewellery.

A selection of necklaces arranged on a cactus