Chocolate Log Cooking

Chocolate Log


It isn’t Christmas without a Chocolate Log.


It’s so disappointing when you role up a chocolate cake and it cracks, but if you are pretending it’s a chocolate log and that’s the bark and you intended it, it looks absolutely brilliant.

Give it a dusting of snow (also known as Icing sugar) and maybe a little piece of holly.

If you want to really show off, you should make the holly leaves out of chocolate.

Pick fresh holly leaves and you spoon chocolate over the front side of them. Just let the chocolate run all over them. Try not to get it on the back because you’ve got to get the chocolate off the leaves. Then put them in the fridge until they’re set nice and hard.

The chocolate is now set and because the holly leaves have a sort of natural oil on them, the leaves come off really easily.

If you turn them over, you get all their shiny side and you can see the veins.

You could leave it like that or you could put a really light dusting of snow on top.


Chocolate Logs

‘Happy Christmas ’
- Prue Leith