Avocados Cooking




How to cut an Avocado

What you need to do is to cut it all the way around, right round and then twist so that the two sides are about equal.

And then, using the back end of the knife, not the tip, and with the avocado stone up you whack the knife into the stone. And then you twist the stone, and it comes out. Then you just push it off.

If you have one of these fancy things, which I think is called an avocado cutter, you can get all the slices out at once.

You could also do chunks, which is what I tend to do in a salad, sort of cubes. Cut through the flesh, but not through the skin, and then use a spoon and just pull. All the lumps will come out.

If you rinse them in cold water, I promise you they won’t go bad or brown. You need cold water, and if possible, a shower because it’s more gentle. And you just make sure that every single surface of the avocado is wet, and that’s it.


‘No more brown avocado- #foodhack’
- Prue Leith